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  • First and obvious tip: book, book, book …. especially if your holidays fall within the period of August. Every year comes in August when we receive 40-50 calls a day requests for August and dates surrounding … We must consider that the 3 weeks at the turn of August 15 throughout Italy is on leave and the availability of excellent hotels in Numana is limited . Book early !!!! … Better think at least for August to May. If you look for a particular type of room (eg quad, sea or have a dog etc etc) to think about time.
    Do not be shocked if we ask you to send the deposit … is a guarantee for us, knowing that you have serious intention of booking, and guarantee that you will find the room on arrival .
  • When booking please remember that the stay is considered from 12 on day of arrival to 9.30 on departure day, so ask eg 4-9 means that the 9 at 9:30 the room should be left.
  • Last Minute: book last for better prices is not a good tactic for this area, for the simple fact that the hotel availability is limited. Maybe you can find some opportunity to remain available (as in our Last Minute) but hardly for a week. The best rooms are given to those who book early.
  • We respond normally to ALL email just to say that we have no availability. So if you do not receive answer check your spam folder or filters antispam.Controllate of entering well your email address: receive dozens of e-mail addresses with poorly written ( 🙂 )
  • If you plan to visit the numerous coves of the Conero, remember to pack some comfortable shoes, preferably hiking, to easily walk the trails and walk over long pebble and stone bays.
  • Wear a mask or goggles, snorkel to appreciate the depths of Conero ….
  • In the area you can rent bikes, even with home delivery and service recovery in case of failure, but if you want to bring your .. no problem, there is space to keep them. You can tour Mount Conero with the mountain bike trails or the various municipal roads that connect the various towns and scenic roads for bikes
  • The beaches are composed of sand or fine gravel, with a few rows of umbrellas usually 5 or 6 at most.
  • The sea is now deep, the limit safe waters ‘at about 6 m, this gives us clean water but can’ be a problem for children with anxious parents or at least for those who can not swim. Rest assured in the Conero Riviera have one of the best services of rescue
  • In Riviera del Conero it is mainly for its clean sea, cuisine and relax, if you want nightlife, entertainment, amusement parks perhaps best review plans holiday 🙂
  • if it rains? Visit Loreto with its basilica, Recanati has given birth to Leopardi and Beniamino Gigli, Osimo historic city, home Offagna medieval festivals. Frasassi caves are within an hour’s drive, Stationary Roman city 30 minutes away … and so many other possibilities.